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Managed by our fiscal host The Social Change Nest, the fund offers grants for patients diagnosed with hard-to-treat cancers, to help with personal treatment plans and access to networks of global experts who can facilitate experimental treatments outside the UK. Specifically, the grant will allow patients to gain access to one of the innovative Patient Navigators founded by ACT Above and Beyond. ACT Above and Beyond is a not for profit CIC organisation started by Cordelia Taylor a GBM survivor (and a dear friend of ours) and Dr Jack Kriendler, the founder of ACT for Cancer,  (find out more about ACT Above and Beyond here).

How can the Patient Navigator Service help?

While the NHS is a wonderful service in so many ways, in our experience we found it to be critically limited when it came to non-standard treatment options for GBM. There was little support to find innovative treatments that were available in other countries. Treatment in the UK hasn’t changed for over three decades, despite brain tumours remaining the biggest killer of children and adults under 40. This needs to change, now! 

The ACT for Cancer Foundation (and by extension Act Above and Beyond) exists to provide ‘Every chance for everyone’ when faced with hard-to-treat cancer, for which standard treatment options have been exhausted or simply don’t exist. 

ACT Above and Beyond empower both patients and their oncologists to jointly exercise their ‘right to try’ innovative treatments or to find novel trials in targeted medicines and immunotherapies which could:

• Potentially extend patients’ lives 
• Improve quality of life
• Provide more research insight to what improves cancer care

The Patient Navigator service will serve to open doors, save time and connect patients with international experts who will be best placed to put together an intuitive, personal treatment plan. This is a unique partnership between ACT Above and Beyond and the top surgeons, oncologists, centres of excellence and cancer care providers of innovative treatment across the world. Each navigator will enable patients and caregivers to access and maximise their treatment potential.

Donations made via The Stuart Bathers Fund, will help to kickstart that process. A bursary of £250 will help enable patients and caregivers to quickly access information about highly personal cancer treatment options that could otherwise take months to find, as well as an invaluable support system. We know how important this would be from first-hand experience, this is why we are committed and passionate about raising funds for such an important cause. 

How can I apply for a bursary?

Applications will be handled initially by ACT Above and Beyond and successful applicants will be referred back to The Stuart Bathers Fund to access their bursary. Bursaries will be available up to a maximum value of £500 per patient and sent direct to ACT Above and Beyond. 

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Firstly, thank you! Stuart’s loved ones are undertaking a range of fundraising activities for the Fund, and if you’d like to add a donation to put towards a patient bursary, you can find our Open Collective link below. 

Our hope is that patients who benefit from access to the Patient Navigator hub through one of our grants will feel encouraged to ‘pay it forward’, and consider making a donation to the Fund as part of their own fundraising endeavours. This is, of course, not obligatory, but would contribute to the feeling of connection and of helping as many patients as possible that is at the heart of the Fund and what it aims to do. 

Another big way to help is to spread the word. We want more patients to find out about the work of Act Above and Beyond and The Stuart Bathers Fund and if this site and the information we’ve gathered here can provide a useful bridge to do that, so much the better. 

How can I help the Stuart Bathers Fund?



Want to know how much of your donation goes towards helping a patient access a Patient Navigator?

Through our new fiscal hosts
we currently cant collect gift aid but we hope to very soon

You donate £30

The Social Change Nest charge a fee of 5% so your donation becomes £28.50

100% of your donation after our fiscal host fees will fund The Patient Navigator service to open doors, save time and connect patients with international experts who will be best placed to put together an intuitive, personal treatment plan

Donations and fundraising are vital to help us work towards our mission of helping as many patients access a Patient Navigator

want to get involved and fundraise for us?

If you fancy donning a running bib, doing 1000 starjumps for Stu or coming up with your own fundraising idea we would love to help you set up your fundraising page. 

Please email us here or use the contact page with the following information:

  • The name of your fundraiser
  • The date you are starting
  • Your target amount in £s
  • A description about you, the details of your challenge, why you are doing it and any other information you think we need to know. 

We can then set it up for you on our Open Collective page and send you the links. 

We are so grateful to each and every one of our donors and fundraisers - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

fundraising activities

The first of many challenges for The Stuart Bathers Fund. We have decided to take part in the Trans-Europe Challenge. The We here is myself Stuarts wife and Archie, Stuart’s best friend, beloved dog and side kick - he with him throughout his journey, bringing a smile to both our faces during the darkest of times and now bring me peace and joy. 

This challenge will see Archie and I walk the length of Europe, 1600 miles! We will be covering this distance in the UK, finding lots of interesting new routes to bring in the miles through rain and shine. 

We were originally going to complete the walk by 25th June 2022 which would have been my husbands 41st birthday but we had to take two breaks because we did two rounds of IVF treatment so now we are aiming to finish on the 21st November 2022, which is the one year anniversary of Stu dying. That’s now an average of 4.9 miles per day, starting from 1st Jan 2022. We can do this! Some days we will walk more, some days we will walk less, but we are determined to complete this challenge together. 

Golf fun-draising day

Details coming soon

Black tie dinner and dj

Details coming soon

Trans-Europe Challenge


are there other ways to donate?

We understand that sometimes its easier to send a donation direct to the charity bypassing any fees associated with fundraising platforms.  

If that sounds like you, you are very welcome to donate via the following channels:

BACS transfer

Please kindly send an email using the contact form below requesting the details and I will reply with a donation PDF which includes instructions. 

Thank you so much for your kindness, we are grateful for all donations to The Stuart Bathers Fund so that we can continue to help anyone diagnosed with a hard to treat cancer. 

Info coming soon

leave a legacy in your will

life after



Want to know more?
There will be so much more in the diary - COMING SOON