Who is Dr Michael Castro?

He provides a concierge-level consultation, which is an in-depth, precision medicine-based analysis with individualised recommendations. It is based on comprehensive molecular profiling that reveals drivers of the disease and mechanisms of drug resistance and then tries to remedy these things.

He is a firm believer that the “one-size fits all” approach to treating cancer is a serious limitation and advocates the use of Precision Medicine. With an in-depth knowledge of molecular oncology, targeted therapy and immune-oncology, Dr.Castro runs Precision Medicine PLLC, and treats patients with a variety of cancers.

Dr Matt Williams (Stu's second UK oncologist) referred Stuart’s case to Dr Castro. We sent all medical records since diagnosis, MRI scans via wetransfer, plus the CeGat and Alacris reports. 

All the information is then put through Cellworks. You can read more about it here.

"The Cellworks Platform biosimulates how a patient’s unique cancer will respond to therapies prior to treatment and identifies novel drug combinations for treatment-refractory patients"

Two weeks later we received a 180-page report. It was jammed full of information about Stu's specific genetic mutations, signalling pathway analysis, dietary considerations, information on immunotherapy, recommendations for supplements and off-label medications that would be suitable. We also received a list of the top 25 TRI treatments (Therapeutic Response Index) including the expected % response rate. 

We were once again filled with hope and now armed with a truly personalised plan to run alongside the personalised peptide vaccinations from Cegat. Dr Castro was on hand when anything went sideways always offering his opinion on MRI's and working together with Stu's UK oncologist Dr Matt Williams. A team that works together is so important. 

We had put together a full spreadsheet of all of the recommendations from Cegat, Dr Castro, Patrice and Care Oncology as well as recommendations from Jane’s course and other GBM patients so that all the members of Stu's medical team could review and anything not needed could be removed. 

Dr Castro is based in Los Angeles, America so all consultations were via video call. 

The cost:
Advance payment of $2500 for the initial consultation
Followed by $600 per hour for services thereafter
(he does not accept insurance)

Dr Castro needs as much information as possible which is why the Cegat and Alacris reports were imperative and they take time to get. I wish we had started working with him as soon as Stu was diagnosed. We were referred to him via Dr Williams but you can work with him independently using the email link below. I personally found it difficult to co-ordinate all of the medical team because I have no medical experience, working with Act Above and Beyond (find out more about this here) would have been the safety net that we needed. 

Contact details:
Michael P. Castro, MD
Board-certified in Neuro-oncology and Medical Oncology
1735 S Hayworth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

dr michael castro

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