We were very fortunate that a group of our friends and family formed a fundraising committee. They put their heads together and took the pressure of us massively by organising all sorts of activities. Taking on the logistics as well as getting the message out there. Other friends, family and new friends we have never met took on challenges to raise funds for us. 

We are so grateful to everyone who helped us raise funds for Stu's treatment. Thank you so much. 

Take a look at some of the challenges our amazing supporters did for Stu, as well as by showing our gratitude for these amazing people, perhaps their fundraising ideas will inspire someone you know to take up a challenge. 

100 mile cycle

Stu's childhood pal Dan did the first fundraiser - he cycled 100 miles!! Some of his buddies took part virtually to keep him going.

We popped round to see him afterwards to thank him and took these photos. 

Thank you Dan!

288 mile cycle

Our amazing sister in law Faye decided to cycle 288 miles around the roads to raise a huge amount for Stuarts treatment fund. 

She often passed our house to say hi while completing her challenge. 

Thank you Faye!

a mile an hour

One of my first friends ever took on the challenge of running a marathon - a mile an hour every hour for 26 hours. 

How Jenny did it with zero sleep I don't know. She was cheered on and joined by some of her pals overnight to make sure it was safe. 

Stu and I went to greet her for her final mile. Thank you Jen!

lands end to john o'groats

Our wonderful friend Jess took on the challenge of running 874 miles within 12 months in memory of her beloved Dad. Within six months she had run 729 miles and Jess kindly decided to switch to raising funds for Stus treatment. 

Thank you Jess!

head shave

Our friend Alex decided to shave his head to raise funds - if I think of Alex I would picture him with his great head of hair so it was a big deal. 

Thank you Alex!

climb snowdonia

One of our brilliant nephews took on the challenge of climbing snowdon with some of his mates. 

The weather looked pretty bleak up there!

Thank you Jake!

100 miles in may

Our lovely Alice took on the challenge of running 100 miles in May.

Thank you Alice!

liberty draws for stu

Our friends very thoughtful 8 year old daughter decided to draw amazing sketches of people for a donation. 

We absolutely loved our portrait.

Liberty did so many great portraits - you can see more of Liberty's amazing drawings on her instagram here

Thank you Liberty!

bric-a-brac sale

Stus sister organised a huge bric-a-brac sale to raise funds for his treatment. 

They had so much donated for the sale including cakes. 

Thank you Laura!

sleep outside for ten days

Our sweet little mate Zach took on the challenge of sleeping outside for ten days. He took his sponsorship form to school and hit up all his mates for sponsorship.

Half way through the weather took a bad turn so his Mum made him sleep inside. He insisted on sleeping on the floor with no comfort and then when the weather improved completed the challenge outside. 

Thank you Zachy!

hope essential oil

Meg from Merek & Co read about Stu's story online and generously offered 40% of sales of her gorgeous essential oil blend called Hope for the months of May and June. 

I still have some and it instantly takes me back to happy times with Stu. 

Every month a different cause or charity is chosen if you'd like to support Meg here is the link

Thank you Meg!

i am the storm

Our kind friend Clare designed and made clothing with the slogan "I AM THE STORM" after I posted the phrase on my instagram post introducing Stu as my husband. 

The profit from the jumpers and t-shirts was donated to Stu's treatment fund. I love wearing my t-shirt as it reminds me how strong Stu was.

You can still buy the I AM THE STORM t-shirts as well as other gorgeous personalised clothing. Here is the link.

Thank you Clare!

art for life

My Mums lovely friend put together an exhibition of lots of wonderful Cotswold artists to sell their artwork in aid of Stu's treatment. 

The gallery where the exhibition is held is called Dove Gallery, here is the website

Thank you Kate and all of the artists who took part!

superhero walk

Stu's amazing sister Laura and a group of her friends pounded the streets of Cheltenham dressed as superheroes walking a total of 18 miles.

It rained most of the day but they did it with huge smiles on their faces. 

Thank you so much to Laura and her superheroes!

half marathon

Stu's ace brother-in-law Alex and his mate took on the challenge of our local half marathon. 

They wore the I AM THE STORM t-shirts and raised funds for Stu's treatment. 

Than you guys!

1km zipwire

My incredible Mum was sponsored to complete a 1km long zipwire in Snowdonia, Wales to raise funds for Stu's treatment. 

She recorded the whole thing on video and talked to Stu the whole way down.

Thank you Mum!

choir concerts

Caroline and her very talented choir put on three beautiful concerts to raise funds for Stu's treatment. 

We attended the final one which was in a lovely orchard. I cried the whole time because the songs were so poignant. 

Thank you all so much!

leg wax x 4

My middle brother and his friend decided to do a sponsored leg wax! Thats four full leg lengths of never been waxed male hairy legs. Ouch. 

The filmed it but we'll save that for instagram.

Thank you so much boys!

more coming soon 

life after



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