What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is derived from the Greek word for movement, 'kinesis' - it's the study of the mechanics of bodily movements. Kinesiology is a form of therapy that uses muscle monitoring to look at imbalances that may be causing disease in the body. Using safe, precise muscle testing procedures a Kinesiologist is able to find the problem areas. 

"Since its original inception in the 1960’s various branches of kinesiology have been developed, based on the core concepts of Kinesiology formed by George Goodheart and some have developed their own unique aspects of Kinesiology and related techniques. The aim of all branches of Kinesiology is to work holistically with clients to address their imbalances and rebalance their system in order to work towards optimal health and well-being".

You can watch a video about kinesiology here.

What made us go to a kinesiologist?

When we went to get our marriage licence we happened to park next to the kinesiologist that I had been to years before because I knew something was wrong with me but nhs tests revealed nothing. It turned out I had a parasite which I'd picked up from water abroad. A few treatments and it was all cleared up. I was astounded. When we walked past it occurred to me that Hilary might be able to help Stu with his immune system too.

Hilary Newman who is the founder of the Hilary Newman Clinic believes that treating the body holistically is imperative. 

"Although a specific symptom might be the reason someone chooses to visit the clinic, Hilary's belief system is to treat the body as a whole, improving overall health and wellbeing, rather than treating bodies on a symptom-by-symptom basis. Other techniques, which offer symptomatic treatment often miss the underlying root causes, which can be affecting multiple aspects of the body and bodily functions".

His first appointment was so interesting. Hilary performed a series of muscle tests and revealed a number of things that would have overloaded his immune system and could have been the reason cancer was able to sneak past undetected.  By cutting out certain foods (mostly temporarily), changing cosmetic and cleaning products, removing toxic substances from our home, stopped burning scented candles, taking the recommended supplements and using the mini FG frequency generator machine, lots of the things that were picked up such as chemical build up, parasites, spores, bacteria, fungus could be cleared up easily leaving his immune system to concentrate on detecting cancer cells. We went back every 2-3 weeks - like an onion peeling back the layers something else would be revealed. 

As with all supplements that were recommended I checked with the other members of Stu's medical team and checked that there would be no interactions using this website.

During one of his appointments Epstein Barr Virus and Toxoplasma came up. I had read some articles investigating whether tumours in the central nervous system coincide/can be triggered by viruses such as CMV, EBV and Toxoplasma. In September we had some tests done as part of Dr Callebouts consultation and private tests from Medichecks because we were told he couldn't have these tests via the NHS because there was a national shortage of blood collection tubes - another fight with the NHS that we wanted to avoid. These private tests revealed that he had EBV and Toxoplasma but not CMV. 

One of the techniques I mentioned above is frequency therapy - its gentle despite how it sounds. It's based on the principle of bioresonance and the work of Dr Raymond Rife. Specific frequencies trigger certain reactions in the body. Using specific frequencies "zapped" different parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. We bought a mini FG so that we could "zap" at home. There is a link to it here.

A really useful phone app that HiIary told us about is called Yuka - you can scan barcodes for all products (and food if you want to) to see whether they are recommended and safe to use. The ratings on the app are based on analysis of all the ingredients in each product. Each ingredient is assigned a risk level for its potential effects on health and the environment. As I mentioned before we changed all cosmetics and cleaning products and this app is very useful when you're at the supermarket - I mean come on who has time to read the ingredients list on every product? Here is a link to the app

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Article about EBV here
Article about Toxoplasma here

"During routine testing for food intolerances, Hilary Newman discovered that our bodies are often hosting parasites, bad bacteria and other organisms, and that the different foods we eat are either responsible for introducing them into the body, or enabling them to thrive. These organisms can overload the immune system manifesting in specific symptoms, as well as creating an overall sense of being unwell or 'under the weather'. By targeting, treating and removing these organisms and bacteria, as well as assessing your nutrition and allergies, Hilary has devised an effective treatment plan, which can help patients regain a sense of wellbeing and a strong immune system, at the same time alleviating a variety of symptoms.

Since then, Hilary has continued her research, evaluating the ill-effects of the chemicals we interact with daily, from the toothpastes we buy, to the clothes we wear, the pesticides in foods, to pollution in the air. Hilary combines all her research into a proactive, short-term programme which has a profound, long-term benefit to your health and wellbeing"

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