Who is Dr Etienne Callebout?

Originally from Belgium, he has lived in the UK and had a practice in Harley Street. A strong believer in using naturopathic medicine to complement orthodox treatment and because he is often a last resort his regimes - combinations of diet, supplementation, detox practices, and intravenous medication - are known to be rigorous. He was a medical doctor, qualified in acupuncture, homeopathy, and naturopathy and become world-renowned in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease. The complexity of his treatments was legendary within the community – but they worked for many of his patients. 

We heard about Dr Callebout via Jane McLellands book as she had been treated by him and he was highly recommended by her as well as a patient in one of the facebook forums who said that their partner had had an 80% reduction in the size of an inoperable GBM brain tumour. 

Prior to the consultation I had to send over all of Stu's medical notes, scans, scan reports and fill out questionnaires about general health, genetics, homeopathy, hormones. There were questions that I never imagined needing to know the answers to but Dr Callebout was so thorough. After the initial consultation Dr Callebout arranged for several at home tests to be carried out. In the interim he gave me a list of supplements and where to buy them from to get Stu started straight away. 

We didn't get to the stage of getting a full protocol after the test results because Stu died unexpectedly but I received the reports back and they were very interesting reading. I just wish that that kind of testing was available as standard so that getting to the root of the problem is the aim rather than treating the symptoms. Integrative, personalised precision medicine has to become standard.

The cost:
 - Initial consultation £350 
- Brain Neurotransmitter test £443
- Functional DX Brain Check + G6PD + fatty acids omega-6/omega-3 + D-Dimer + free
testosterone tests £1019
- CEIA test £609

I wish we had started working with him as soon as Stu was diagnosed. Though Dr Callebout needed as much information as possible which is why the Cegat and Alacris reports were important and they take time to get Stu could have got going with all his tests before.  You don't need a referral to work with an integrative oncologist but in the beginning of all this we didn't even know that there was such a thing as an integrative oncologist we just blindly went along with what we were told. During our consultation Dr Callebout told us about his patient with GBM who had had an 80% reduction on an inoperable tumour, reports like that are so important to hear for validation that you are going down the right route. The protocol that he put together was a big part of Stu's treatment plan and the full protocol was checked with all of his medical team. He showed such compassion after Stu died and we had a follow up consultation booked in January so that I could understand his test results.

Very sadly Dr Callebout died in early 2022, he was a leading figure in the integrative oncology world and theres now a huge gap felt by his many patients as well as his family and friends. You can read a tribute written by Jane McLelland here

Dr Callebout is irreplaceable and I would have panicked hugely if Stu was still alive at the time of his passing. There is a list of Janes recommended worldwide integrative oncologists on the How to Starve Cancer website and you can find out more about Janes work here.

CANCERactive article about Dr Callebout

dr callebout

"Nobody has the full truth about cancer, but basically what I do is try to make the body cancer-unfriendly at the same time as attacking the cancer directly. I look at all the elements that enhance cancer, and through a whole range of blood and urine tests try to check out what it is in the body that we should correct and what we should leave be. It is important that we should not annoy the person with too many elements, which is something I have done in the past." - Dr Etienne Callebout

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