Who is Patrice Surley?

In her own words:

"My clinical focus is on cancer and auto-immune illnesses, as well as wellness and disease prevention. My philosophy and approach is evidence based and rooted in functional medicine. I keep current with the immense amount of promising research being done in the fields of cancer and nutrition, epigenetics/nutrigenomics, and longevity science. I incorporate thorough analysis of various labs in an effort to create a healthy body environment that can deter dis-ease.

I often work alongside renowned physicians and will gladly collaborate with your medical team. I am passionate about nutrition and integrate my knowledge of tradition, science, research and extensive clinical experience to offer an individually tailored nutrition plan."

During your consultation, we focus on:

Using dietary strategies and supplements to promote optimal health.
Using diet and supplements to maximize the efficacy of your medical treatments and reduce the potential for negative side effects.
Navigating the medical system and getting the best treatment option for your cancer or auto-immune illness.”

We first heard about Patrice through other patients – it’s very hard when you first get immersed in cancer land to know who is genuine and who is not; who has experience and who is out to make a few ££ from your misery. But I knew as soon as we spoke to Patrice that she is all about her patients. Her attention to all your details is what built the trust between us and I found her factual and evidence based as well as kind and compassionate. I also felt that she was a sounding board in the ever-so-loud space we found ourselves in.

She has experience working with lots of GBM patients as well as all cancer types and autoimmune disorders, and was able to talk about all the different treatments we were looking at and the doctors we were thinking of working with. It was all so seamless and knowledgeable. Patrice gave so much information in the first call backed up with evidence and sent links for us to do further reading about integrative treatments, re-purposed medicines, supplements and trials that were relevant to Stu’s diagnosis.

"Knowing your options can help you make educated decisions, leading to increased survival and better prognosis"

Patrice is based in America so all consultations for us were on zoom but she also offers FaceTime and Skype. 

First appointment 90 minutes  $250 - approximately £190
Follow up appointments 60 minutes $125 - approximately £95

You can read more about the nutrition side of things here. 

We should have scheduled monthly calls in with Patrice rather than just every two months. When we had moments of fear if things weren't clear from the oncology team we turned to Patrice for extra support, she helped us to see the options and seek out alternatives if needed. She was an imperative part of the medical team we put together and helped us decipher the genetic testing reports so that we understood them. 

Contact details:

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