Since her remarkable recovery, Jane has been a rebellious supporter of ‘off label’ drugs for cancer therapy (medicines used for other conditions than their approved licence).

Now Jane is campaigning for off-label drugs to be recognised as effective cancer treatment. She has visited parliament, helping to change legislation for ‘off patent’ and ‘off label’ drugs. She continues to push for the vast Cancer Drug Fund to be used to investigate these—something the cancer charities are failing to do.

Jane is leading a revolution in the way cancer is seen and treated. She is a powerful speaker and a brave and passionate advocate of fellow cancer sufferers. As well as her books and online course she also spends time providing up to date information for her thousands of followers in her Facebook group.

Who is Jane McLelland?

In her own words:

"Jane battled two aggressive cancers with metastatic spread, both were classed as ‘terminal’.

Using her medical knowledge and researching heavily, she put together a cancer-starving formula, using natural therapies, exercise and diet. When she developed a second cancer, leukaemia – the result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her first cancer – she knew she only had weeks to live. With nothing to lose, she put together a unique cocktail of old drugs. To her enormous relief, joy and surprise, her cancer just ‘melted away’. Her cocktail was more powerful than she had ever hoped".

“I do believe we already have every drug and every supplement that we need to beat cancer. The key is getting the right combinations to people at the right time. Yes, in certain circumstances there can be too much damage to the body from the cancer itself. But if you can get to people before that, I cannot see why patients can’t be rescued even from advanced malignancies. Stage IV cancer should not be a death sentence, in my view.”

Her mission: To turn the oncology profession upside down.

We read the first edition of Janes book quite early on in Stu's journey, the whole book is covered in highlighter pen -  leading us to her Facebook group which has thousands of people putting together their own protocols. 

At the time of writing this website Jane isn't offering to do private consultations but there is a list of her approved Integrative Oncologist Doctors in her book and on her website. Details below. We consulted with Dr Callebout who was incredible. He did a whole host of tests on Stuart and has had great success with other GBM patients. 

Very sadly Dr Callebout passed away not long after Stuart so I can no longer recommend him however I would recommend looking at the list of other IO's on Janes website and working together to co-ordinate everything thats needed to combat cancer. 

I was half way through reading the second edition of Jane's book, which includes details of how to use ferroptosis to your advantage. I'd recommend buying the second edition and undertaking the course. We believe that Stuart stayed alive longer than his first oncology team predicted because of the diet changes, repurposed medication and supplement protocols we put together. 

I wish I had known about Jane right at the beginning because then we could have worked with Dr Callebout or another Integrative Oncologist sooner so that there was less pressure on us to do all of the research. Dr Castro and Patrice Surley also gave us so much insight into re-purposed medications and supplements.

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