myTomorrows was founded in 2012 after Ronald Dus lost his father to an aggressive form of lung cancer. As a physician he thought he would be able to find his father the treatment he needed but was surprised to learn how complicated this was. He vowed to change that for future patients. 

We worked with myTomorrows after hearing about them in a facebook forum. We sent all of Stu's medical information over to them, another reason why its so important to keep a record of all your medical data. After a free consultation with one of their patient navigators they then took around 7 days to come back with a report on their treatment search report:

• Treatments that are relevant for Stuart's unmet medical need;
• Trials/medical facilities that are actively recruiting;
• Match Stuart with regard to eligibility and travel preferences.

Crucially where an appropriate Clinical Trial is suitable and available, they are able to assist with referral for enrolment. If you are not eligible for a Clinical Trial they have a team that specialise in dealing with access to pre-approval treatment via expanded access programmes with pharmaceutical companies. All of their services are free-of-charge for patients and physicians.

The report contained phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials across Europe and USA though you can choose worldwide. The trials were specific for GBM but they work with all cancer types. What I noticed is that the trials weren't specific to Stu's specific genetic mutations so I think at the time they didn't use the extensive reports we sent them. Meaning that even without those reports myTomorrows is accessible for all cancer patients. 

Who are myTomorrows?

In their own words:

"Helping patients discover and access treatments"

"A health-tech company that helps physicians, and patients with an unmet medical need, discover and access pre-approval treatment options. We bridge the gap between patients who are searching for treatment options and the pharmaceutical companies who provide them. myTomorrows is an international platform that links patients facing unmet medical needs to treatments in development worldwide".

"We believe every patient should have access to all possible treatment options. We are here for you, so let us know how we can help."

This service is available to all cancer patients and is free of charge so its worth checking out what they can find as early as you can.  

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