We found it difficult to find a local clinic that would administer the recommended dose. There are local clinics but only up to 25g. Stu's sister found a clinic that is based in London but has doctors in local areas so one of their team used to come to our house and administer it. 

Could Vitamin C IV twice a week have prolonged and improved the quality of Stu's life? We strongly believe that all of the therapies we tried had their part to play. From all of the patients and caregivers we spoke to it's rare that someone with GBM will only do SOC and become a long term survivor. 
“Intravenous vitamin C has been shown to target cancer stem cells, the original cancer cells that are responsible for chemo and radiotherapy resistance, because it stops a key step in the process of glycolysis, effectively starving the cancer as well as triggering apoptosis, or cell death,” said McLelland. “It helps block off one of cancer’s main energy supply lines.”

Here are some articles about vitamin C IV:

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As with all additional therapies you should seek medical advice before adding them in incase they have the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve. As I've mentioned before Stu's first medical team weren't open to any discussions, his second medical team were more open but said they didn't have the evidence or knowledge to back it up and so we worked with additional specialists such as Patrice SurleyDr Callebout and Dr Castro. All supported the use of high dose vitamin C IV but this step is part of Stu's story and not medical advice. 

What is vitamin C IV?

Jane McLelland talks a lot about vitamin C IV as an adjunctive treatment for cancer and there are many articles published about its use. Studies have shown IV Vitamin C can help enhance the oxidant effects of chemotherapy by helping drive the chemo into the cancer cells more effectively rather like a trojan horse. Large concentrations of Vitamin C react with the molecular oxygen within tumours and generate large amounts of hydrogen peroxide which is lethal to tumour cells. 

We also know from our reading that Vit C IV has the potential for increasing a patient’s quality of life and decreasing toxicity of radiation and chemotherapy treatment regimen. 

The cost:
One home visit can cost up to £500 for 75g of Vit C IV. 
We bulk bought in blocks of 16 and paid £290 per drip. 

Putting together a strategy with each of our medical team (Patrice, Dr Callebout and Dr Castro) from the beginning would have set out a clearer path rather than us stumbling across each step as something we read or researched over time. 

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