We should have started working with the team below as soon as Stu was diagnosed and not been delayed due to the original doctor’s opinion that nothing was available, not even privately. The lack of support to explore other options meant that it took us (ordinary folk with zero medical training) time to find the steps and doctors which is why we wanted to just list them below in case it's useful information for someone else. Remember, this is not medical advice – it’s Stus story and one of the next steps we wish we’d taken. 


Dr Matt Williams
We consulted with him privately and then transferred Stus NHS care to the hospital he works at. We did this by referral from our GP.  Whilst we didn't find the logistics easy or the co-ordination between private and NHS smooth or supportive we didn't think it would be possible for Stu's original doctor to work together with Dr Williams because he didn't agree with anything above NHS standard of care. Dr Williams offered us something that we hadn't been shown which was options and hope. That was priceless to us. 
Top Doctors appointments

Dr Michael Castro
Dr Williams referred Stuarts case to Dr Castro who is based in LA. We sent all MRI scans, the CeGat and Alacris reports as well as our spreadsheet containing all the information we had about the supplements and re-purposed medications that Stuart was taking. He is a firm believer that the “one-size fits all” approach to treating cancer is a serious limitation and advocates the use of Precision Medicine. Dr. Castro has been the Medical Director of Caris Life Sciences. With an in-depth knowledge of molecular oncology, targeted therapy and immune-oncology, today, Dr.Castro runs Precision Medicine PLLC, and treats patients with a variety of cancers. He is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for his patients and treats patients all around the World.
You don't have to be referred by a UK doctor - More information

You can read more information about the other doctors we worked with here.


Dr Andrew McEvoy
We consulted with him privately via The Cleveland Clinic but he is an NHS doctor at UCLH. Out of all the surgeons we consulted with if Stuart was eligible for surgery we would 100% have chosen him. We both wish we had consulted with him within the first week that Stu was taken ill. His contact details are in the links below:
NHS contact
Cleveland Clinic

Dr Callebout
Very sadly Dr Callebout died in early 2022, he was a leading figure in the integrative oncology world and theres now a huge gap felt by his many patients as well as his family and friends. You can read a tribute written by Jane McLelland here

Dr Callebout is irreplaceable and I would have panicked hugely if Stu was still alive at the time of his passing. There is a list of Janes recommended worldwide integrative oncologists on the How to Starve Cancer website and you can find out more about Janes work here.

No need to explain what a doctor is, but I think it is important to be under the care of an Oncologist who specialises in brain cancer when you have brain cancer. For us it became apparent that GBM needed more than standard of care - it works for some people, but a lot of patients need more. The genetic mutations of GBM tumours are imperative to know in order for more ideas to be put into the ring. And I'm not just talking the methylated status.

Genetic sequencing is available in the UK but it’s not routine and it wasn't something that was offered by Stu's original medical team.

The testing for Stu’s tumour sample was carried out by a private clinic called CeGat. There is more information below and a page dedicated to them here.


life after



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