We worked with several clinics in the UK as well as Dr Castro and Dr Callebout to access repurposed medications. We also gathered evidence to show Stu's second Oncologist and our GP who were helpful in giving advice and sometimes agreeing on their usage depending on price and accessibility through the NHS. There were some things that were simple a no and other things that were available. It would be irresponsible to include a list all of the repurposed medications that were part of Stu's protocol because we are not medically trained, cannot give medical advice and every tumour has different mutations. Its very important that an integrative oncologist or trained medical professional check all the supplements / medications / IVs in your protocol for interactions. 

What are repurposed medications?

"Medicine repurposing identifies new uses for licensed medicines that are outside of the scope of the originally intended use for the medicine"

This means that a medicine that was originally licensed for a particular illness or condition is then used to treat another condition. This practice is sometimes referred to as "off-label". There are numerous conspiracy theories as to why these repurposed medications are not more widely used, one being that big pharmaceutical companies wouldn't make profit from re-licensing them. I'm not here to argue for and against these theories. There is a medicine re-purposing initiative within the NHS but it's not widely practiced or recognised and typically you have to find private clinics for the prescriptions. You can read about it on the NHS website here.

We were very cautious when adding anything in and rigorously checked for drug interactions this included between repurposed meds and supplements.

These are the websites we used to check:

We should have worked with an Integrative Oncologist as early as possible. This would have given us expert knowledge specific to the tumour type and genetic sequencing without having to do all the research ourselves. We started Care Oncology as soon as the 6 weeks of radiotherapy and low dose chemotherapy were complete but we should have started straight away alongside working with an expert who is open minded. We didn't start working with Dr Callebout or Dr Castro until the end of August and that was a mistake, we wrongly thought we had to be referred by a doctor but that is not true - you can work with Dr Castro and any of the IO's that Jane McLelland recommends independently. Though we strongly believe that the metro map we put together at the beginning was so beneficial and likely (though not proved) kept Stu with us for far longer than his first Oncology team predicted. 

This is a list of the clinics we used:

Clinic 158
Care Oncology
Dr Castro
Dr Callebout
Integrative Oncologists recommended by Jane McLelland

repurposed meds

life after



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