Research has shown that cancer cells require a large amount of three fuel sources to survive and grow - glucose, glutamine and lipids. 

Given that Stu's tumour was deemed "inoperable" we had to do more than rely on mainstream chemo and radiotherapy and sit back and wait for what the doctors predicted. Using diet, supplements and off label drugs the aim was to starve the cancer stem cells and then when they were weakened use the therapeutic medicine to kill the cells. We followed a low glycemic diet then we worked with Patrice Surley and Care Oncology to start adding in supplements that had scientific evidence of being beneficial to GBM patients. 

We were repeatedly told that diet and supplements aren't relevant to cancer patients and don't have enough evidence but we found plenty of patients using this technique who were doing better than expected so we did it. The trouble is that you have to be so careful not to starve yourself because the normal cells in your body also need the things you are trying to cut out. Thats where supplements and off-label drugs come in. 

It would be irresponsible of me to publish Stu's metro map on this website because everyones cancer is different and what works for someone may not work for everyone but I would strongly recommend working with Patrice to get started and Jane has lots of recommended Integrative Oncologists on her website.

What is the fuss all about with supplements?

If you've read through some of the other pages you will already know that we put together a personalised protocol of supplements and re-purposed medication to essentially block the pathways of GBM to stop it growing, spreading and assist and enhance the prescribed medication. 

We didn't do this alone and I would never recommend that anyone does. Its very important that an integrative oncologist or trained medical professional check all the supplements / medications / IVs in your protocol for interactions. We worked with Patrice Surley, Dr Callebout, Dr Castro and researched thoroughly using Jane McLelland's books and course

Starving cancer isn't a new concept. In 1931 Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel prize for discovering that cancer cells have an altered metabolism. 

Where is a reputable shop to buy good quality supplements?

We must have bought around 15 different types of Boswellia Serrata before we found a good one and that's just one example. Working with Patrice, Dr Callebout and Dr Castro made things easier because they could recommend where to buy from and what dosage. Below is a list of websites that we bought supplements from, we also bought some of these brands via Amazon:

Life Extension
Turmeric and Honey
Your Health Basket
The Organic Protein Co
DaVinci Labs
Pure Encapsulations
Jarrow Formulas
Designs for Health
Neuro Biologix
Natural Dispensary

We started supplements early on but were dissuaded from them by Stu's first oncology team because the metabolic approach is not used within the NHS. If we had to do all of this again I would work with Patrice Surley, an Integrative Oncologist like Dr Callebout and Dr Castro ASAP. Dr Callebout had GBM patients that had inoperable wildtype, and had managed to reduce the tumour by 80% after chemo had failed. We always went by the motto do no harm and that's a safe way to go. 

Patrice Surley
Dr Castro
Jane McLelland
Integrative Oncologists recommended by Jane McLelland


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